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 About Us

We started life supplying wines to top hotels and restaurants in the Caribbean.

We have always concentrated on sourcing the best quality and value wines from around the world to satisfy what could be a very demanding  business clientele!!!

However there is an expression you “cannot get a silk purse from a sows ear” and that is so true in the wine business. The first £2.50 of every bottle of wine sold in the UK goes to the  government, and therefore whilst we are extremely conscious about value we want you  enjoying our wines time and again , so the quality is extremely important to us, and that becomes tricky to source to our expectations and standards at the entry level of the most inexpensive wines. QUALITY and VALUE are the foundation stones of our company which we have spent the last 15 years plus continuously improving, so hopefully you will agree that we have achieved that balance when you are buying and drinking our wines.

Waterside wines is now based on the edge of the New Forest which we opened in 2021 replicating what we started in The Caribbean 15 odd years ago. 

We hope you will enjoy looking around the site and hopefully trying out some of our wines. We are always available to offer advise if required and hope you will leave reviews on the wines you try. I have put a few case suggestions together and hopefully you will try our wine of the month because rest assured I will have consumed a bottle or two of the pick!!

Someone once said life is too short not to enjoy good wines ( I think it might have been me ]

Thank you for visiting the site and  hope you will get in touch.

E mail [email protected]
Telephone 02381 550173

Kind regards

Andrew Niven



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