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A Steak & Red Wine Combination Case

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Picture yourself in a sunny garden with dinner grilling on the barbecue, or at a beautifully-set date night table. A delicious steak needs a red wine accompaniment, so here are six wonderful red wines which we highly recommend.

What’s inside?

The De Bortoli Regional Reserve Shiraz hails from Victoria, Australia, and comes strongly recommended by many wine lovers. This distinctive Shiraz hides layer upon layer of ripe dark fruit within the palate. The Miopasso Primitivo from the Apulia region of Italy is similarly robust whilst also boasting an incredibly smooth silkiness through its dark berry aromas. Our Sicilian Tandem takes its name from the perfect combination of Carbernet Sauvignon grapes with the lesser known Nero D’Avola, resulting in a powerful red with deep, ruby tones.

We highly recommend the Illusion Malbec which is relatively new to our portfolio of wines and proving incredibly popular. The wonderful Marques del Atrio Crianza Rioja has a high aromatic intensity with deep oak and vanilla notes from the barrel ageing process. To round off this case, we’ve selected the Volpetto Chianti Riserva, which is a full-bodied wine with smooth tannins which balance with the intensity of sour cherry and fresh herbs.

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