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Our 2023 Malbec Wine Suggestions

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Malbec has become so popular over the past few years that we decided to dedicate one of our recommended cases to this wonderful grape variety. All six of our chosen wines in this case hail from Argentina, where the flavours are driven by rich, ripe fruits such as blackberry, plum and black cherry. Argentine Malbec tends to be less tart than in other regions such as France, where the leathery whispers of the Argentine variety become more forthcoming and peppery.

Wonderful on its own, with red meat or cheese, Equino’s medium-bodied Malbec is soft and silky with the grape-typical taste of dark fruit complemented by the wine’s natural acidity. The Brand’s Malbec is intense and juicy with an unexpected hint of vanilla joining the blackberries and plums. Similarly intense, we highly recommend Illusion’s Malbec as well as Camarada’s, both of which are relatively new to our portfolio of wines and proving incredibly popular. To provide freshness in this selection, we’ve added Square Ranch’s lightly spiced, smooth Malbec, and the deep, inky Hacienda de Calidad Malbec which is a pure and unoaked expression of the grape.

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