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The beauty of pairing wines with pasta and chicken is that you’re spoiled for choice: there are many red, white and rose wines that will fit the bill. We have chosen a lovely Spanish Verdejo, and French Sancerre as our white selections, along with one Rosé, an Italian Pinot Grigio Blush. For the three reds, we chose a Spanish Tempranillo, and two Italian wines; a Merlot and a Chianti.

Our recommended Spanish white, Amigo De La Tierra’s revered, easy-drinking Verdejo Airen, provides flavours of tropical fruits and is refreshing without being overly powerful. I Castelli’s Pinot Grigio Blush brings a subtle, fruity flavour with an enticing bouquet. The French Sancerre in this case is a true treat – crisp, dry and refreshing, this white from Saget Domaine De La Perriere has all the characteristics you’d expect from a wine of this quality.

For our red selections, we have chosen Amigo de La Tierra’s Garnacha Tempranillo, which is a lovely, easy-drinking wine with a lively palate; as well as I Castelli’s Italian Merlot. Fruity and smooth, this Merlot makes for incredibly easy drinking and is a fantastic quality for such a reasonably priced wine. To round off this case, we’ve chosen the Volpetto Chianti Riserva, which is a full-bodied wine with smooth tannins which balance with the intensity of sour cherry and fresh herbs.

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