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Seafood, Lobster & Shellfish 2023

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Picture yourself lounging on a warm summer’s evening with a glass of a chilled, zesty wine and a plateful of your favourite seafood. You’ve not a care in the world, except for which wine should fill your glass: and with that, we’re here to help. This is our selection of the absolute best wines to enjoy alongside seafood, lobster and shellfish. This case of five whites and one rosé draws upon incredible winemakers from across the globe to come together in a selection ranging from fruity to crisp to dry and back again.

What’s inside?

Guy Saget’s crisp, dry French Muscadet has a delightfully fresh combination of sharp lime and sweet, green apples. Across the border into Italy, I Castelli’s dry Venetian Soave offers aromas of wildflowers and a fruity finish.

De Bortoli’s Reserve Chardonnay hails from the northern reaches of the Yarra Valley region of Victoria, Australia, where the mild season allows them to produce a wonderfully balanced wine which is fresh and lively on the palate. Our first of two Sauvignon Blancs in this case comes from nearby New Zealand, providing the hints of gooseberry typical of the grape as well as vibrant aromas of citrus and flavours of sweet tropical fruit. Our second Sauvignon Blanc certainly doesn’t come second on taste – the delicate hints of gooseberry marry with a rich bouquet of sweet tangerines in this dry white with a terrific depth of flavour.

We were keen to add this beautiful Farfalla Pinot Grigio Blush to this case to offer a delicate sweetness not found in the other wines. Hints of fresh raspberries give way to a wonderfully light finish, refreshing and graceful without being too dry.

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