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Elevate Your Christmas Feast: Perfect Wine Pairings for Every Dish.

As the festive season approaches, the joy of Christmas dinner becomes a centrepiece of celebration. To enhance the flavours of your holiday feast, we’ve crafted a guide to the perfect wine pairings, ensuring every sip complements the richness of your chosen dishes. At Waterside Wines, we understand the art of pairing, and we’re here to elevate your Christmas dining experience.

1. Roast Turkey Extravaganza:

For the centrepiece of many Christmas tables, the roast turkey, consider a classic choice like a buttery Chardonnay. Its smooth, oaked profile complements the succulence of the turkey, creating a symphony of flavours that dance on your palate. Dive into the perfect pairing with our curated selection at www.watersidewines.com.

Wine suggestions:

Oyster Catcher Pinot noir or Nika Tiki New Zealand sauvignon.

2. Ham for the Holidays:

If ham is gracing your festive spread, opt for a slightly sweet Riesling or a fruity Pinot Noir. The sweetness in these wines balances the saltiness of the ham, resulting in a delightful contrast that will leave your taste buds craving more. Explore our diverse collection to find the ideal match for your holiday ham.

Wine suggestions:

Nice sparkling wine Pirani Prosecco, or I Castelli Chardonnay.

3. Roast Beef Elegance:

For those who prefer the robust flavours of roast beef, a bold Cabernet Sauvignon is the way to go. The wine’s full-bodied nature stands up to the richness of the meat, creating a harmonious union of taste and texture. Uncover the perfect Cabernet Sauvignon on our website and let your roast beef take centre stage.

Wine suggestions:

Tandem Cabernet Sauvignon Nero D’Avola, High Side Malbec or Big Beltie Cabernet Sauvignon.

4. Vegetarian Delights:

Vegetarian options deserve equally thoughtful pairings. For a vegetable-centric dish, a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a light Pinot Grigio can be refreshing choices that complement without overpowering. Find the perfect match for your vegetarian creations at Waterside Wines.

Wine suggestions:

Grenache blanc 172 or Primi Soli Sauvignon Blanc.

At Waterside Wines, we curate a selection of wines that cater to every palate and occasion. Whether you’re indulging in a traditional Christmas dinner or opting for a unique twist on holiday classics, our collection has the perfect bottle waiting for you.