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English Oak’s sparkling wines are so fantastic, we couldn’t help but dedicate a case to them with a special offer to encourage our customers to try these incredible wines. These are truly some of the absolute best sparkling wines we’ve ever had the pleasure of stocking – a fantastic choice for any celebration. We’ll certainly be cracking open one of these bottles on Christmas Day this year. Why don’t you join us and stock up with this discounted case of six?

What’s inside?

Light gold in colour and intensely floral, the vivacious Englmann Sparkling wine combines fresh lemons with summer blossom to create lifted floral notes reminiscent of a charming English country garden. Salted chocolate bars oozing with citrus seamlessly sing on the palate, demanding attention through layers and layers of texture and excitement. It’s equally as impossible to resist the precocious Chinkapin Sparkling Rosé, which is salmon-pink in colour and strikingly unique in character. It delights your palate with initial hints of intense red berries which evolve into addictive notes of sweet orange.

Serve the Englmann Sparkling wine with cheese, olives and canapes to get the party started, then pair with chicken or tasty pork for culinary perfection. Finish with cheesecake or a cheese board featuring a sharp local cheddar. The Chinkapin is delicious paired with summery crab dishes and charcuterie, as well as sweet roast lamb, roast duck, burgers and even a delicious steak.

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