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We’ve curated a lovely collection of Rosé wines perfect to be chilled down and enjoyed at a summer barbecue or paired with salads, fish, lobster and other shellfish. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to finding fantastic Rosé wines to suit your tastes, this case is for you!

What’s inside?

I Castelli’s Pinot Grigio Blush brings a subtle, fruity flavour with an enticing bouquet. The beautiful, pale Whispering Angel Rosé combines the bright aromas of crushed strawberries, peach, rose water and orange blossom with a wonderfully dry and crisp palate. Charley Zin’s Californian Zinfandel also draws upon these strawberry notes to create a medium-sweet, elegant finish. Over on the drier side, we’ve selected Dea Del Mare’s delicate Pinot Grigio Blush as well as the Farfalla Pinot Grigio Blush which provides hints of fresh raspberries that give way to a wonderfully light finish, refreshing and graceful without being too dry. To top off this wonderful case, we’ve selected the Chateau Minuty M Rosé from Provence, which is truly the standard for the region’s Rosé.

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